MATERIAL – Air Freshener Blotter Paper # 80 pt – # 85 pt (1.4 mm – 1.7 mm)

PACKAGING – Clear poly pouch (double air barrier) with elastic string attached.

NOTE – Instruction printed on a poly bag – optional (extra charge). Additional charge and restriction will apply.

FRAGRANCES – Wide range of fragrances (click here to see). There is a possibility to order oil for special customer request.

PRODUCTION TIME – Depending on the size of the order – 14-18 business days from the moment of receiving (fax) signed paper proof of artwork with colour separation and layout in exact position.

Overruns and underruns: We reserve the right to ship and bill up to 2% – 5% over or under quantity ordered. These will be shipped and billed accordingly.

RUSH ORDERS – Depending on the size of the order 7 – 10 business days or sooner.

Available for spot colour only. Additional charge and restriction will apply.

1201 – 2 000 Units = 59 x 48 x 21 cm = Weight 25 – 35 kg
801-1 200 Units = 45 x 37 x 26 cm = Weight 15 – 24 kg
500 – 800 Units = 30 x 29 x 24 cm = Weight 9 – 11 kg

SHIPPING LOCATIONS – EU Customers: FOB Szczecin, 70-807 POLAND

SHIPPING METHODE – as a standard, we ship the order via DHL Standard (EU delivery 2-5 days) and add the cost to the total amount. At the client’s request, we can send the order by air transport (EU delivery 1-2 days) with additional payment.


TERMS OF PAYMENT – After sending back the signed paper proof, the order goes into production schedule. Within a few days, the customer receives a pro form invoice.

PAYMENT METHODS – The payment should be made to the bank account specified on the proforma invoice. After that customer should sent us bank transfer confirmation to our email

The original, final invoice will be sent with the product and to to the address provided on paper proof