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How to order

When you are ready to place an order please make sure to supply

Your information: Your name, company name, address, street, city, post code, country, phone, fax, e-mail.

Product info: Quantity, shape, printing colors (one side or both sides), fragrance, shipping information, in hands date.

Please mail your Purchase Order to our custom service email:

Artwork Preparation: All artwork must be Illustrator - format, EPS, AI, or CorelDraw CDR file, or any vector type drawing saved in PC format. Camera-ready artwork must be to size with color separations and layout in exact position. Please convert artwork to curves.

Paper Proof: Supplied at NO CHARGE within 24 hours.

Product Proof - Prototype: Per request. Additional charges will apply.

Proof / Production Authorization: Within 24 hours of receiving your artwork and Purchase Order, we will e-mail a Proof / Production Authorization to you. The Proof contains your price, shipping date, artwork laid out in the die shape requested and includes our interpretation of your instructions. If you do not receive a proof within 24 hours please contact us via phone or e-mail - we probably didn’t receive your Purchase Order!

Proof: You will carefully review the graphics, text, pricing and lead time. If there are changes, we will do them as requested. If approved, PLEASE sign the Proof and email back to us. Your order will not be manufactured until we receive your SIGNED PROOF - permission to do so. Receipt of your signed proof is your authorization for Scent USA to put your order into production and is the point at which the production lead time begins.

Lead time for orders

Depending on the size of the order standard production time is 14 - 18 business days from the moment of receiving email confirming paper proof of artwork with color separation and layout in exact position.

Rush orders available fast: Available for spot color only. Additional charge will apply

Important notice - The Fine Print

Should errors appear on the proof and you approve the “proof” without indicating corrections, "Scent of Europe” will not be responsible for any damages resulting therefrom. Signature on the document accepts graphics, pricing, and all other terms mentioned in the document. Cancellations and revisions must be submitted in writing prior to production authorization.

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Each freshener is packed in clear poly pouch (double air barrier) with elastic string attached.

Packaging Size & Weights

500-1700 units 59x48x21 cm
17-19 kg
1000-1100 units 45x37x26 cm
13-15 kg
500-600 units 30x29x24 cm
9-11 kg

Packaging are shipped:
FOB: 70-807 Szczecin, Poland EU
Via DHL, UPS, FedEX, EMS or if customer requests other company.

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